Dig Safety Month

Posted 4/8/2014

Dig Safely New York

CALL 811

before you dig.

Before you have to
CALL 911



Congratulations 2013 Firefighter of the Year Brian Girard

Posted 1/12/2014

     In 1908 NYC Fire Chief Edward Croaker said the day a person raises their hand and takes the oath to become a firefighter his/her greatest act of bravery has been accomplished.

That was as true in 1908 as it is today. Agreeing to put yourself in harms way, enduring difficult sights and tasks, means that our department and town has a large number of remarkably brave people.

Verdoy is blessed with an excellent team of firefighters and making the choice to single just one out is a daunting task. Many here tonight are former award recipients or have been considered for honor of firefighter of the year!

The fires service is an incredible brotherhood. A firefighter can walk into almost any station in the world and immediately be treated as a colleague because of the universal understanding of the job. But to be a firefighter means more than having good skills. It means being there for their brothers/sisters. It means being willing to have tough conversations. It means being a great team player. It means being a positive role model for others to aspire to. It means passing knowledge and traditions on. It means stepping up when things need to be done.

That’s what Brotherhood is all about and what being a firefighter of the year is about.

This year’s firefighter of the year is all of that and more. He started in the Emergency Services as a kid when he became an explorer under Mal Rosen in the 1980’s…In fact he wasn’t old enough to be a full member yet, when he began in 1984! In 1986 when he became 18, he was voted in as a probationary member in the Verdoy Fire Department. Some say he lived wearing his probie helmet and they had to order a special one for him so his 80s AFRO would fit under the helmet!

By late fall of 1986 he left Verdoy to join the Air Force. After his service to his country was over, he became a Paramedic and Career Firefighter. By 1996 he came back home to Latham and steadily moved thru the ranks of Verdoy. Because of his love of the fire service he worked as a firefighter for Shaker Road and then moved on to the NYS Office of Fire Prevention and Control. He has also worked as a paramedic in the region. Needless to say, his professional life has been very full.

In fact, it’s hard to believe that anyone can work as much as he does and still be consistently one of the top responders at Verdoy.

It’s also been about sacrifice, He works hard at his job(s) and does so to provide for his family and do the right thing for the members of Verdoy Fire Dept.

Firematically, this member is a true expert on every aspect of the fire service and one of the best in the business!

While it would have been easy for him to step back, HE has always stepped up. Even when it’s been very difficult for him at home and at work!

This year’s firefighter of the year is a very special man who lives a life of service to the community, love of his family and duty to his brothers and sisters of the fire service. He can always be counted on to be a strong steady influence and keep us safe in dangerous situations.

We are honored to call our friend and brother Chief Brian Girard The Verdoy Firefighter of the year for 2013.


Congratulations 2013 Sylvia Dill Award Winner Terry Neiger

Posted 1/12/2014

An award given annually to the Auxiliary member who best personifies the life and ideals of Sylvia Dill.

In 1990, a memorial award was established to honor Sylvia Dill, a charter member of the Verdoy Volunteer Fire Association Auxiliary. Sylvia and her husband Howard were both instrumental in the beginning stages of the fire department. Sylvia volunteered at church, local organizations and at Verdoy. We have given this award to the auxiliary members that have followed in Sylvia’s footsteps.

This year’s recipient has been a member of the auxiliary for 15 years. A quiet, in the “wings”, constant contributor who never seeks recognition for all she does for the auxiliary and association. She has served on numerous committees and has been a trustee for as long as we can remember. Her final working years were with North Colonie Schools as a library clerk.
A mother of three, a now busy grandmother and occasional “snowbird”, she continues to remain a vital, active member of the auxiliary.

Her family remains active firematically. Her son-in-law, a past Chief with Verdoy and her daughter, a past president of the auxiliary are both active in their new community in West Crescent. Her husband is currently an active Fire Police Officer.
This year’s recipient is Terry Neiger.

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