2016 Sylvia Dill Award Winner

Posted 1/17/2017

Congratulations to the 2016

Sylvia Dill Award Winner Christina Meservey



"An award given annually to the Auxiliary member who best

personifies the life and ideals of Sylvia Dill."


     In 1990, a memorial award was established to honor Sylvia Dill, a charter member of the Verdoy Volunteer Fire Association Auxiliary. Sylvia and her husband Howard were both instrumental in the beginning stages of the fire department. Sylvia volunteered at church, local organizations and at Verdoy. We have given this award to the auxiliary members that have followed in Sylvia's footsteps.

     This year's recipient has been a member of the auxiliary for almost 9 years. With a full-time job, caring for her family and sharing in her children's activities, including PTO, she still finds time to contribute to the Verdoy family.

     She has held multiple offices for the Auxiliary over the years. This member has baked for the bake sales, preps and takes orders at Brooks Barbeques and has waitressed at pancake breakfasts and Men's Life Members Nights. She has worked diligently with her husband on the Banquet Committee and the Bowling Tournament and works with the Association delivery calendars and during Fire Prevention Open House.

     She never seeks out recognition but prefers to be in the background - usually in the kitchen. This year's winner is Christina Meservey.


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