Your Fire Department


When the department was founded in 1944 few could have envisioned the growth in our district and the demands that have been placed on the Fire Service. The department today has evolved into being “all hazards” emergency response organization. Your fire department plays a role in responding to all types of emergency situations from fires, rescues, wires down, flooding and assisting the Colonie Police and Colonie EMS Department.

 The fire district has grown significantly since 1944 with a major expansion in residential, commercial development and a busy Albany International Airport.

 Members are activated by cell phone text messaging or by radio pager. Responding members can also notify the station they are responding from their cell phone. Once arrived at the station, members don their PPE, board the apparatus and respond.

 The volunteer fire service is rich in traditions that date back to the founding of America. Very few organizations have the degree of international camaraderie and brotherhood than the American Fire Service. As Verdoy Firefighters we are part of a proud tradition of “neighbors helping neighbors.”



In order to respond effectively to emergencies, members drill once a week. Our drills are Monday evenings and every member participates in drills to maintain status as an active member.  Members drill in everything from CPR to water rescue and fire suppression. The Town of Colonie operates a training center on Wade Road that allows us to practice everything from fire suppression to auto extrication.

 Gas Simulator

In this picture, Verdoy Firefighters practice on a flammable gas simulator.


Fire Suppression

Our core mission is fire suppression and we regularly train to maintain a high degree of preparedness for this core function. All active members are outfitted with personal protective equipment (PPE) and train in the use of self contained breathing apparatus.

 The District owns the following pieces of fire apparatus:


Rescue 11- Sutphen Rescue


This apparatus functions as a rescue with pumper capabilities. It’s outfitted with all standard equipment found on a rescue with other types of equipment for rescue operations. It also has handlines and 500 gallons of water on board for firefighting.


Engine 451- Sutphen Pumper


This apparatus is a pumper outfitted with water, large diameter supply hose, 5 pre-connected attack lines and all standard equipment found on a pumper.


 Truck 11- Sutphen


This apparatus is a truck with pumper capabilities, as well as having a 75’ aerial ladder it has handlines and 500 gallons of water on board for firefighting.


  Rescue Operations

We are equipped with Holmatro “Jaws of Life” extrication tools and respond to car crashes and rescue people who are entrapped. Members train with a variety of rescue tools for lifting objects, cutting devices and stabilization tools. 

A section of the Mohawk River is in the district and we must be prepared to handle water emergencies and rescue people from the ice in winter.

We have a boat and two inflatable rescue craft for water and ice rescue.


Emergency Medical Response

When someone dials 911 for a medical emergency, the Town’s dispatch center screens the caller and dispatches the Colonie EMS Department. Depending on the type of emergency the closest Police or Fire Department units may be dispatched as well. All Verdoy Firefighters are trained in CPR and are equipped with an AED and basic emergency response equipment. Many of our members are also trained as Emergency Medical Technicians. We operate Squad 11 as our primary EMS response unit as well as a utility vehicle.

Hazardous Materials Response

All firefighters are trained to the Hazardous Materials Operations level and respond with our Town Haz-Mat team hazardous materials incidents

Fire Police

Fire Police are specially trained members of the department that provide security and traffic control at emergencies. They may also assist the Colonie Police Department with traffic control and other types of incident support.

Fire Prevention

The department provides annual fire prevention visits to our local schools during fire prevention week and sponsors an open house every October. 

Junior Member Program

Our Junior member program was formed 2 years ago and was a huge step in the department. As a Junior member you will be able to respond to calls, attend NYS classes and train with the other members of the department. We currently have 3 Junior members, 2 of which have completed NYS Firefighter 1 and are nationally certified. The program is currently open to people who are 16-18 years old. 

Community Activities

We host community events in our meeting hall and we attend community functions and we go out on Halloween night to our neighborhoods to distribute candy.