Wives of the firemen of the Verdoy Volunteer Fire Department held a meeting in March of 1958 for the purpose of forming an Auxiliary. There were 24 wives and 6 guests present. Elections were held, By-Laws committee was formed, and at the time membership was limited to immediate family members of the firemen. Their mission statement:

The aim of the Auxiliary is to work together with our firefighters to create harmony between the Auxiliary and the Association, to give aid – both financial and otherwise – to the Association in all its undertakings and to support the community.

Today the Auxiliary still follows the original mission statement however membership is open to anyone at least 16 years of age.

The Auxiliary supports the fire department in all of their endeavors. We help out with community functions, fire prevention week, provide rehab food and drinks to the fire scene when necessary, feed the firefighters upon their return from serious fire situations, help keep the firehouse open and supply hospitality and food to community members during emergencies and support the members in their fund raising activities.

Auxiliary Membership

Gail Friedman


Ruth Politis

Vice President

Rina Reynolds


Linda Johnson


Charlene Reynolds


Patti Conroy
Terri Girard
Sherri Hennessy
Kristen Malatesta
Cathy Motta
Jason Reynolds
Eileen Santore
Karin Wheatley